The Big Bang’s Leftovers

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  1. Todd Gooch

    10 months ago

    You are highly intelligent. Love your posts.
    The current approach to looking as far as you can out into space to see as far back into time as you can, is novel, and pretty good, I like it. However, it has the same limitations as say, looking through a microscope. You’ll never get an instrument to see the Planck length, you’ll never get a telescope good enough to decipher what happened at the beginning of the universe. You really have to have the correct model of the universe to do these things, you have to have T.O.E. Architecting the universe from a single quantum unit implies many things invisible to someone using the standard model. In the beginning of the universe, the total substance known as mass was contained within a sphere with a diameter of a Planck length. Outside the universe is defined not to exist. Of its own volition,and without external influence, the sphere began to spin. It spun with inc. angular velocity unti a max. stable angular momentum was acheived. Upon exceeding the max. stable ang. mom., a mitosis occurred within the sphere such that two spheres with different angular mom. occupied the same space at yhe same time. The interaction between the two spheres caused and defined friction, and consequently Temperature came first in the early virgining universe, T=dt. The temperature of the universe was at its max. Next, a pressure developed between the two spheres, the pressure of the universe was at its max, and P=d2t. Finally, the universe was contained within inc. volumes of a permeable spherical geometry known as the big bang, V=d3t. Now, I know it happened exactly this way, and this was the order of operations in the early universe because it turns out for f(t)=3rd degree, PV=nRT goes to d2td3t=nRdt . The data is on my page, and there is a youtube video I made to help people with the math. Look in my videos on youtube for sample problem T.O.E. I know it happened just that way, because my data says so.

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