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How Long Does It Take for Trash to Decompose?

Have you ever asked the question… !   how long does it take for trash to decompose ? The answer varies depending on the type of material and environment. Trash decomposition rates are faster when materials are exposed to the elements. However, when buried in a landfill, trash decomposition is much slower. Materials that decompose within …

Nuts a Day You Must Eat 60 Grams ???

 Any good nutritionist will tell you that including nuts in your diet will benefit you in a number of ways: it helps you lose weight, work as an appetite suppressant, lower your risk of cholesterol and are a real powerhouse of energy. Full of natural fiber, minerals, proteins and unsaturated fat, they make a great …

Get a dose of vitamin D ..!

Children circle around an ultraviolet lamp to get a dose of vitamin D in a place where the sun rarely rises. (Murmansk, Russia)