Facts About Black Plastics – Scary Problems Abound

It’s everywhere. Each of us has certainly placed food into a black plastic container to carry home from a salad buffet or leftovers from a restaurant. How about those lids on cups of coffee? But, is it safe?

Facts – black plastics can contain harmful chemicals such as bromine. This is due to issues with the standard recycling technology and equipment used to recycle plastics. This technology simply does not pick up and recognize the black plastics. As a result the black plastic is trashed and replaced with black e-waste when new black plastic products and containers are created. These versions contain some recycled black plastics but mostly dangerous materials.

A study published in Environment International recently discussed the toxic nature of black plastics and the implications.

FastCompany.com also released a polished analysis of this issue and the urgent need to energize efforts to find a better way. Bromine, lead, and poisonous additives are a major issue and concern. There is a silver lining however as FastCompany.com notes. Black plastic waste could be converted into electrical wiring.

Lifehacker.com also touches on why it does not make sense to recycle black plastics based on the interesting facts about black plastics.

From the water you drink to the containers holding your food – one must always be vigilant. The government and corporations are not effectively protecting you and that is fact.

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