How to choose earrings?

To emphasize their femininity and beauty, women from ancient times wore earrings. A woman’s image looks more charming, and the ears with earrings look seductive and cute. See below for useful tips on choosing the model and shape of earrings. Fashionable and modern women choose jewelry depending on the clothes and the place they are going to visit. You should follow these rules if you want to always look beautiful and appropriate. If you want access to the best jewelry, you should visit

By purpose

Business image will emphasize restrained and laconic versions of earrings. Small rings, beautiful pearls or carnations with a small stone are ideal for business meetings and work.

Eye-catching and shiny earrings models you can afford if you go to a club or a party. Attracting the attention of others is the main task of party earrings. They can be of unusual shape, fancy design and with a large number of stones. Also, the rules of etiquette should be followed if you’re going to a formal reception, a social gathering or a restaurant. The jewelry on you should always be combined with each other, have a concise design and, if possible, be made of precious metal. Small carnations with a diamond will help to indicate your refined taste. They will not distract attention from you, and will add a highlight to your image.

Pay attention to your image when choosing earrings for everyday wear. If you go out shopping, do not wear large earrings, they will look out of place.

According to your appearance type

The shape of your face is a very important factor in choosing earrings. Choosing the wrong earrings for your face can indicate flaws.

Earrings with pendants of medium size or oblong earrings are suitable for women with a wide and round face. Smaller faces can be helped by round and convex earrings. Earrings in the form of flat balls or buttons will suit owners of elongated oval. Absolutely any earrings can pick up a woman with the correct face oval.

You should be guided in the choice of earrings depending on the shape of your earlobe. Elongated matte earrings will suit women with small and neat earlobes. Slim and light earrings are a good option for women with thin earlobes. Any earrings you like can be chosen by women with neat and small ears. If your ears are slightly pricked, pusset earrings will suit you and will not overpower your image.

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