Beach Bag Types


A long time ago, the purse became an inseparable part of the image of any woman. It is both an accessory and a necessity. And it’s just impossible to imagine your life without it.

In Britain, October 4th has been declared National Purse Day. Historians claim that the first handbags date back to prehistoric times. The ancestor of this female companion is considered to be a shoulder bag, which was made of animal skins and served to carry useful things and even children. Since then, the bag has undergone many changes. At different times it was sewn from different materials, and each person and era added something of its own, individual in the design of the bag. 

One of the most unusual in the world is the bookbinding bags. The creator of these bags is American artist Caitlin. But there’s also a watch bag, a cupcake bag, a skull bag… It only remains to impress the creativity and originality of designers. And the courage of women who wear these bags.

Nowadays, women of the fair sex have a lot of handbags for all occasions from different materials, different colors and sizes. But personally for me the most favorite bags are summer, beach copies, because they are often bright colors, and even just seeing such a bag in a shop window, you want summer, vacation and beach romance.

Beach bags. Classification

The main feature of such a bag is its large size. After all, it should fit a towel, cream, comb, water, and much, much more, without which resting on the beach is impossible. But this does not mean that you need to buy shapeless models, its volume is more like a bag than a bag. Fortunately, the choice of beach bags is so huge that the most fastidious fashionista will find something to suit her taste.

Beach bags made of jute (a plant from the family of linden) or lynx (the inner part of the linden bark) look like a real work of art, especially decorated with fine paintings and beads. But they, unfortunately, are short-lived and suffer from salt and sand. It is better to save them for walks, especially since such handbags are in perfect harmony with colorful summer sundresses and straw hats.

When choosing a beach bag from transparent plastic, such as a clear backpack, you should consider that “transparency” is its main feature, and everything that is inside will be visible. However, this “risk” is often justified: such copies look very avant-garde and favor stylish girls who want to stand out from the crowd.

Beach handbags made of textile materials are one of the most popular models. They attract original bright colors, durable material and practicality, because such a bag can be often washed, and it wears out very soon. And almost always you can just get confused by the huge choice in shops. As for the decoration, these bags draw absolutely everything: sea landscapes, fish, flowers. From bright colors ruffles in the eyes, so you can often leave without buying anything or not what you would like. You can take a monochrome bag and paint to your liking. For example, they use batik technique. It’s one of the best ways to make a bag bright and unique. You can also hook a beach bag and make it completely to your liking.

How to Choose a Beach Bag

Even when choosing a beach bag, you should pay attention to the handles. They must be strong to withstand quite a heavy weight. It is desirable that the bag should match the color of the pareo, swimsuit or sundress. For example, bags that are dominated by blue will match the outfits in the maritime style. Red, pink or floral patterns on the bags fit a romantic look. Beach bags made of denim are often found with youth style lovers.

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