Some tips on how to fix your love boat

Your “love boat broke on life” and cracked? Do not panic! It may still be possible to fix it (by the way, it is possible that it is all due to the proverbial “list of mutual pains, troubles and resentments”). If your problems are more specific, you can visit

Less criticism, more attention

Accustomed to solving family quarrels with sex? Special drugs can help you to be on top in case your libido is in a bad state. However, after a successfully completed intercourse, try to analyze what was wrong in your relationship. To begin, of course, it is best to himself. So: think about whether you often criticize your woman and make her comments (including sarcasm). Be honest! Did you think it was all a joke? Insulting words, which you hurt your spouse, you end up paying off a hundredfold (in the form of quarrels, scandals and claims, which are not always even the basis underneath). What is the conclusion? It is necessary to show his beloved care and attention, and once again see her as a woman. And here, perhaps, all means are good.

Foot massage, a love letter and a heart-to-heart talk

Think about the last time you massaged his wife feet. Never? Then it’s time to finally do it. Believe me, such a seemingly simple trick works wonders. It’s a good idea to write a letter to your beloved. But (attention!) Write it by hand, not type it on the computer. In this age of total electronics such a thing is perceived as a very nice and romantic gesture, and this is exactly what you need. Always keep at least three things she loves and give her the pleasure of enjoying them.

Another tip: Listen to her. Just listen, without giving any advice. Why do you think your woman in moments of despair runs to her girlfriend and not you? Yes, because sometimes she wants to talk. Yes, from a male perspective it looks strange, illogical and irrational. But that’s how the fairer sex is. 

Watch porn together, go to the gym together, take a shower together

And finally, the juicy part. Surely, years later your sex life is more like the proverbial “marital duty” rather than the former roaring, beating key, passion. Something has to be done about it! And we even know what to do about it. Options, in fact, a lot. But we suggest you start with those that are easier. For example, good “turns on” watching porn together. At the same time you can learn something from there. Just do not forget that such films – by and large, the work on camera. That is why it is senseless and even dangerous to realize some ideas.

In addition, very bring together and at the same time excite sports together. Sweating together – take a shower together. Great, isn’t it? If you periodically have problems with potency, or even if you were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, then there is no point to panic. Now there are many excellent medications that can help you get your manhood back. You can buy them at at reasonable prices.

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