Why do erectile dysfunction occur?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve an erection that will be sufficient to perform an intercourse. This problem is the most important part of men’s health, directly affecting the quality of his life and, consequently, his mental and physical state. Unfortunately, problems with potency in our time have become quite serious, regardless of age and standard of living men.

According to statistics, every fourth man in the world is faced with the problem of sexual impotence, bothering him quite early – from the age of 21 years. Thus, it affects about 150 million people on our planet. If you are looking for special drugs, you should visit https://edpharm-france.com/achter-levitra-generique-en-ligne/.

The causes of potency impairment

The mass of this phenomenon cannot be explained by one particular cause. Male potency depends on all the processes occurring in the body: impaired blood flow, hormonal disorders, psychological difficulties, shifts in the nervous system. Weakening of potency can begin for a variety of reasons: stress, illness, relationship problems, and so on. Therefore, the reasons that lead to weak erections are divided into the following:

  • Psychological – prolonged nervous tension, increased fatigue, stress, psychological incompatibility of partners;
  • External factors – the general state of the environment, abuse of alcohol, smoking, drugs, poor or unbalanced diet;
  • Physiological, directly affecting the quality of an erection – prostate disease, diabetes, damage to the nerves that are responsible for the process of arousal, disorders of the brain or spinal cord, poor blood flow.

Specialized drugs

To identify these causes must undergo medical examination, and additional help in solving the problem will be the drugs to enhance potency from our online store: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and many others. You will be able to order directly on the site https://edpharm-france.com/, choosing a convenient way of payment.

The root of potency is ginger

The very name “ginger” is translated from Chinese as “virility”, in translation from Sanskrit, it means “universal medicine”. This is no coincidence, because the plant has an arousing effect, increasing the strength of men. There are several ways to prepare ginger for a beneficial effect on potency.

  • You should use a little piece of fresh ginger, peel it and grind it with a knife or grate it on a grater. Then pour boiling water on the resulting pulp and brew it for 10 minutes. The result you may drink alone or with the addition of honey.
  • For ginger tincture of one kilogram of grated root should be filled with a liter of good quality alcohol and kept for 15 days in a dark and warm place, shaking the mixture occasionally.
  • If a man takes grinded ginger powder mixed with honey every evening and drinks water with this mixture, he is guaranteed not only to increase his potency, but also to prevent prostatitis – another unpleasant and frequent male problem.

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